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The best thing to do is to walk from streets to alleys. There you’ll find street sellers, stolls, galleries and trendy stores that offer the classics of Moroccan craftsmanship and the Souiries specialties: the work of cedar, leather and carpet or even the silver jewelry and raffia.
The port of Essaouira

The port is located at the gates of the medina which is a natural extension. There you will find the wooden boats used by artisanal fishers but also the shipyard using traditional building techniques.
It’s open to the visitors.
The Skalas of Essaouira are military fortifications with 16th century’s Spanish and Portuguese cannons. They were headed towards the Ocean in order to protect the city.
The Skala of the Kasbah is an unforgettable place. You can imagine the enemy ships trying to break the walls of the city in order to steal the wealth of Mogador. There, you can see the fishermen boats back to port, the island of Mogador and the northen beaches of the city.

 The beach

150 kilometers of coastline and many beaches to practice all the sports like surf- kit or simply rent a beach chair and relax in front of the ocean.

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